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Become a Cool School and help us save rainforest

As well as being home to the majority of the world’s weird and wonderful creatures, rainforests also play a critical role in our climate. They store vast amounts of carbon and are massive manufacturers of the world’s oxygen and freshwater.

Bring the rainforest into your classroom using our resources and become a Cool School. They’ll not only learn about the importance of the rainforests but they’ll become part of the fight to save them.

Get your school behind saving the rainforest by setting up a Cool Earth fundraising page now.

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School Profile Page

A dynamic account with certificate of sponsorship and interactive google map showing your school's protected rainforest.


Cool School Resources

Get equipped with everything you need to become a cool school and start saving rainforest.


Set up a fundraising page

Start a fundraising page with Cool Earth's own platform and know the money your school raises is going straight to us.

Acres Saved518,481
Acres saved

Trees Protected124,432,499
Trees Protected

People Supported35,410
People Supported

Tonnes of CO2 saved134,809,694
Tonnes of CO2 stored