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The Team

Lauren Faulkner - Relationship Manager

Lauren runs Cool Earth. From keeping our business supporters happy to designing websites and running the accounts, she does it all. As a result, any problems are inevitably her fault. Lauren never sleeps and when not shouting at Photoshop is apparently a musician of some repute.

Kitty Jenkin – Project Manager

Kitty is in charge of all things “rainforest”. As well as managing all our existing projects around the world, she develops new ones and makes sure our community partners are calling the shots when it comes to their rainforest. She is a black belt in Google Translate and has never run out of fantastic rainforest facts. Kitty has no life outside Cool Earth but did once attend a Mika concert.

Johan Eliasch - Co-Founder and Trustee

Johan is a rare thing. As well as one of Europe’s most successful businessmen, he was committed to actively protecting the environment well before it became fashionable. With Frank Field he came up with the idea of saving trees from the ground-up, he also thought of the name “Cool Earth.”

Ben Gray - Business Manager

Ben is evangelical about Cool Earth and spends his time helping spread the word. As well as putting together some of our most exciting business partnerships, he has attended more networking events than any life can bear. To cope with this, Ben is a skilled boxer (really?) and recently won a light middleweight bout (again, really?).

Matthew Owen - Director

Matthew has been with Cool Earth from day one and still spends most of his time making sure we’re keeping all our promises. He is based in Cornwall but spends half his time out of the office raising money for our partner communities and generally telling any one who will listen about Cool Earth. When he’s not in work, Matthew picks up his three daughters from discos.

Mark Ellingham – Trustee

Mark pretty much invented independent travel when he launched the Rough Guides in 1982. As well as helping us all “make the most of your time on earth”, he has published the most interesting books on saving the planet and the best ones on world music.

James Taylor - Fundraising Co-ordinator

James joined Cool Earth as our “cartographer-in-residence”. This seemed to suit his studious manner and shy nature. It then turned out that this was all a front. He is actually a ferociously competitive hipster who lives to party. As a result James now spends his days apologising for our website and goading Adventurists into risking life and limb for the sake of the rainforest.

Patrick White – Development Officer

Patrick is the newest member of the Cool Earth team. Calmly organised and so prompt with email replies that it borders on the passive aggressive, we’ve tasked Patrick with doubling the size of Cool Earth in the next eighteen months. When not fretting about outlandish targets Patrick practices his Mandarin to unimpressed Cantonese speakers.

Frank Field MP – Co-Founder and Trustee

Frank is Britain’s clearest thinking politician. With fifty years of campaign experience, he has probably done more to improve the lives of children in poverty and low paid workers than any of his parliamentary colleagues. In 2007 he turned his attention to climate change and launched Cool Earth.

Acres Saved501,655
Acres saved

Trees Protected120,370,353
Trees Protected

People Supported35,410
People Supported

Tonnes of CO2 saved130,423,733
Tonnes of CO2 stored