July 2, 2010

Rainforest destruction ‘hard to comprehend’

The scale of the wilderness which can be seen in parts of the Amazon rainforest is hard to comprehend, it has been said.

According to an article in the Financial Times, should people fly over the vast forest they would be shocked at how much of it has been cleared away. The newspaper noted the huge size of the rainforest and said it is home to around 40-50 uncontacted tribes, as well as “thousands of unique species of plant and animal”.

Much of the rainforest destruction which can be seen in the Amazon is due to the operations of firms in the meat sector, which clear large swathes of the tropical forest so they can raise cattle or grow feed for animals.

Some of these ranches can hold thousands of animals and as such, miles and miles of the forest is cut down to accommodate them.

Several well known faces have recently spoken out about the need to protect the Amazon rainforest, including singer Lily Allen, who took a trip to the forest recently, and film director James Cameron, who used the landscape as inspiration for his last movie, Avatar.

Written by Sandra Mann.

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