October 28, 2014

Little Hawk

Three things to know about Coakiti

1) Little Hawk

Coakiti’s name means ‘Little Hawk’ in Asháninka. He’s the son of the President of Cutivireni and lives in the Peruvian Amazon on the bank of the Rio Ene.

2) He has been told off by Vivienne Westwood

When Vivienne visited the Asháninka, Coakiti was told off for killing a beautiful butterfly. Apart from this, Coakiti and Vivienne were inseparable for the entire trip.

“We admired a black, white and iridescent green butterfly. Andreas saw Coakiti catch it and with triumphal glee rip it apart. I told Coakiti off. He always holds his hands to his cheek, wringing them when he doesn’t know what to do. This little naked thing. I shook his hand and patted his head and said seriously that he was forgiven, miming the poor butterfly.”


3) Coakiti is quite the hairdresser

He is, without a doubt, the most mischievous child in Cool Earth’s Asháninka Project. On our last visit to the project, all Coakiti’s sisters and cousins had little bobs rather than their usual long locks. It turned out that Coakiti had spent the day giving unexpected haircuts.


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