October 19, 2015

Can I still sponsor acres?

You may have noticed that there is no longer a button to “save an acre” on our website. We are still as focused as ever on saving rainforest and every donation keeps trees standing. We just wanted to be a little more transparent about how our community partnerships work.

Ever since our launch in 2007 we’ve asked you to sponsor acres, and we gave people coordinates to show where that rainforest was on a map. The trouble is, this doesn’t really reflect what Cool Earth does that’s so effective.

There is a good reason that Cool Earth’s model is protecting more at-risk rainforest than any other NGO or government. Unlike other rainforest charities, we put money directly in the hands of the people who are best placed to protect their forest: the people that live there.

This can be a complex process and linking your donation to a specific acre simplifies things a little too much. Nothing has changed: A donation of around £60 still protects an acre for ten years. 90% of Cool Earth’s income still goes directly to our rainforest partnerships. There is still no better way of protecting rainforest. We just thought that now we are protecting over 500,000 acres of forest, we’d admit that, except for our biggest funders, matching each acre to a donation is getting tricky.

h-cool-earth-awajun-image-rainforest-kids-group-1795x967Instead of sponsoring an acre of rainforest, we’re asking you to make a donation which goes straight to families so they can protect their forest.

If you have any questions we’d love to hear form you. Email [email protected]

So what do I get when I donate?

A report after nine months telling you how your donation has been invested by our partner communities.

A certificate detailing the impact you’ve made.

An online personalised profile, showing your contribution in terms of trees protected CO2 emissions prevented.

A dashboard showing stories from the partnerships you support.

And the knowledge that you’re part of the best chance we have to save the world’s remaining rainforest.

Looking at the amount of rainforest that’s protected by our village partners, and the amount of income Cool Earth has received since we started, a donation of £60 is equivalent to the protection of one acre of rainforest in one of Cool Earth’s partnerships.


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  • Saskia says:

    Is it also possible for me as a Dutch resident to deduct my gift from my taxes?

    • Chloe Rickard says:

      Hi Saskia,
      Cool Earth needs to be recognised by the Dutch tax authority for you to be able to deduct your gift, which at present it’s not.
      We are exploring options for European donors at the moment, and will post updates on our website.

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