December 26, 2015

2015 Milestones: August

As part of every partnership, from Peru to Papua New Guinea, we hold workshops with our partner villages to make sure everyone’s aware of the project and what it’s trying to achieve. In Lubutu, one outcome of these workshops was awareness of the rate of species extinction in the local area.

Nutrition is a key focus of our work so we make sure the workshops are focussed on the best outcome for local people and the forest. Sustainable hunting is the best option compatible with food security, self-sufficiency, and biodiversity.1

A healthy forest is a bio diverse one, and as a result of the workshops our partner associations decided to stop hunting using 12-gauge shotguns, and the use of toxic products and small-meshed fishing nets on spawning grounds, until July 2018.

The community are now using more sustainable methods of hunting and fishing, so families still have access to protein, but with less impact on the forest.

  1. “Achieving sustainable harvest of bushmeat is therefore a necessity and by far, the best available option compatible with biodiversity conservation, local livelihoods, food security and food self sufficiency.” <em>International Forestry Review</em> Vol.13 (3), p. 363 2011


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