March 6, 2018

Earthquakes in Papua New Guinea

The recent earthquake in the highlands of Papua New Guinea has claimed nearly 70 lives so far, with strong aftershocks today adding to the destruction.

The Red Cross has said that 127,000 people are in need of immediate aid such as food, water, and shelter. Many villages in the highlands are very remote and landslides have made some areas completely inaccessible.

Cool Earth’s Local Coordinator Daisy Halaba told us, “Milne Bay Province is not affected by the Earth Quake except those in the Highlands regions. A lot of homes, roads, and food gardens have been destroyed and a number of people have been buried alive though landslips and others injured and killed from falling buildings.”

This level of devastation and loss is heartbreaking, and our thoughts are with everyone in Papua New Guinea, especially those who have lost everything.


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