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Hiya! This is Corrie, Tammy and Vicki, hailing from Middle Canada, Eastern Canada and the Land Down Under of Oz! We've recently signed up for the infamous Rickshaw Run this August...a 3500 kilometre adventure that sees us crossing the length and breadth of India in a Tuk Tuk, or rather, a glorified lawn mower! Why are we doing this?! Basically in the words of mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary who first conquered Everest in 1953 with Tenzing Norgay: "BECAUSE IT'S THERE." And because why not? It's an adventure afterall! One with no set route. No set rules. Just an open road of uncertainty and certain lostness. Luckily we also get to raise money for a cool charity called COOL EARTH that has dedicated it's time and energy to keeping the rainforest standing! Not only do they fight out against deforestation of the lungs of our earth by putting indigenous peoples back in control of their forests, but also by working alongside these local people to help build better health, better education, and better livelihoods filled with resilient and empowered communities! It's a win-win really! So in the spirit of community and collaboration and breathing clean air, please help donate to COOL EARTH while we gear up to EAT PRAY RUN across India in a lawnmower next month! Much love, Corrie, Tammy & Vicki xx

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