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This is it! Edward and Lisa Guy's third and final rickshaw run. Driven by some warped urge to circumnavigate India in a tuk tuk. TEAM HELLO KIWI are grabbing this by the short and curlies, Please support us to COOL EARTH and LIVE MORE AWESOME. We cover all costs of mayhem, registration, travel, accommodation... breakdowns both mental and physical. What we NEED - ASK - HOPE for are donations of cash; to two AWESOMELY COOL causes. Contributions go straight to charity... the Live More Awesome foundation for mental health awareness and Cool Earth.... Why? We've just heard the road from Shillong to Guwhati from the start to the first 150km was wiped out yesterday with landslides and the first river we must cross is in flood with more than 100 dead, dealing with extreme weather is more likely all over the planet. It is time to act where we can help. How? Thanks to their chronic need for bragging rights, Adventurists teams have raised half a million pounds for Cool Earth to save 9,000 acres of forest and empower thousands of indigenous people. The Asháninka once lived in the heart of Peru’s Amazon rainforest. Today, the deforestation frontline has arrived on their doorstep. Each rickshaw run team must contribute $2000 to charity as a minimum to enter. LMA is about doing epic things, driving a rickshaw unsupported and unrouted is epic. On completion of the second run I said if this was the first I never would have come back. But here we are back again to support the future of our planet with our third and final leg of the run, our chairty total so far is more than $7000 let's crack a 10 at least. Please help us by supporting COOL EARTH with a donation.

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Each team on the Rickshaw Run raise at least 500 pounds for Cool Earth (Dare ya to say Euro in today's Brexit climate, it's a bit chilly) Each team has a total fundraising target of 2K. We run with two charities close to our hearts. COOL EARTH and the LIVE MORE AWESOME FOUNDATION of NZ. It's our third time in an auto rickshaw pan-India, these charities have been with us from the start more than 6000 km are in the bag from our first two legs down the west coast and across the top AS have our sponsors Aotea Gifts for things to give out to kids we meet on our journey and Spratt Financial Services for covering our insurances just in case. August 4th we head down the East Coast from the far North East to the Far South West. Certain to be surprises before the job is done. This is our completion event. Circumnavigation of India by Tuk tuk ...more than 3000km left to go from Shillong to Cochin in less than 2 weeks. Please get on it and give us your cash!

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