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As some of you may know already, Dan and myself (also known as The Pilau Pioneers) have decided to take part in the Rickshaw Run in India where we drive from basically the top to the bottom in three weeks, in a rickshaw/tuc tuc and race everyone else whilst we're at it. Check out the new Boots advert and you'll know what I'm talking about. They have asked us to raise some money for their official charity Cool Earth, minimum £500- no pressure. We have unintentionally left all this quite late as we're going on 30th but better late than never! Basically these guys are trying to save the world (because right now it needs it!) they are trying to save our rain-forests and so far the people who do things like the Rickshaw Run and all the other adventures have achieved things like safe drinking water for 46 families, mosquito nets for 672 people, 2 medical outposts and loads more stuff (have a look here for all the other achievements- But you may be thinking what does this have to do with our Rickshaw Run in India, because I was as well. So India is home to a third of the world’s poorest, with climate change hitting them the hardest. Unprecedented heat waves, cyclones and floods are already displacing thousands of families. Without action the situation will only get worse. By saving the rainforest with Cool Earth you’ll be stopping whopping amounts of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere and warming our climate. That is why. So, all in all if you would like to donate that would banging and muchly appreicated anything is better than nothing so don't panic about how much and if you do you will get your pretty face and name drawn on our Rickshaw by us, woo! (make sure your profile picture is an acceptable representation of you or else we will stalk your oldies). As we have left all this quite late you can of course still donate while we're out there and as soon as we find internet and find out which of you beauties has donated, your portrait will begin! We're going to be posting loads of pics and vids from our gopro so keep on the look out for our disasters. Ta very much, Morgan and Dan. XX

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