The Chai Hards’ Rickshaw Run


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The Chai Hards are two teams taking part in the January 2017 Rickshaw Run and we are here to get rich or chai trying. Kinda... We're here to raise as much money as we can for Cool Earth and hopefully avoid being scraped off an Indian highway...

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Individually, the Chai Hards have done some silly things in the past. From being charged by an elephant in Sri Lanka, to spewing their way across the Drake Passage, our heroes have had a few pretty silly adventures. The thing about silliness though, is that it’s in infinite supply. Hence, with the help of the Adventurists, the stakes have been raised. Driving a glorified lawnmower across India sounded like a reasonably silly idea, especially seeing as it's for a good cause. The Chai Hards were born. Fortunately, one of our Mums is also coming along to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Or to encourage them to get out of hand… Jo hasn’t decided yet.

As fun as it is to do ridiculous things, it's even better to do them for a good reason. Protecting and conserving the environment is a cause that's very close to each of our hearts. Cool Earth does this through partnering with local people in order to find grassroots solutions to issues affecting our precious rainforests such as palm oil and deforestation.

All donations, big and small, will be gratefully accepted, in hug form if we can track you down. Please help us to help Cool Earth to help the rainforest!

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