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3 adventurists's from NYC take on Tuk-Tuk's, severe GI distress, and driving conditions best described as, "there appears to have been a struggle" all in the name of SURVIVAL. Not only our own but that of our planet.

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Meet the team!
My name is Mo and I've been a web developer for 3 years. Now, I dedicate my time to working on innovations for sustainability around the world. From clean water solutions and education reforms to environmental practices, I work on projects that will have a positive social impact. Along the way, I hope to adventure through all the regions of the world so that I can meet the people and see all the beauty of our Earth. India is home to my family, but until now I haven't had a chance to see much of it. I have no expectations and I really look forward to the inevitably wild experience with two great friends!

Hi everyone, I'm Katie and I work as a Critical Care Nurse in NYC. My love for nature was instilled at a young age when my father would take my brother and I up into the Rocky Mountains for all types of adventures. I've summited 14,000 foot peaks, white water raft in the summers, ski in the winters, hike in spring and fall. As my father says, "Colorado is God's country" and the mountains became my church. I cannot imagine a world without those peaks and forest.
Just as I cherish my local habitat, so too do the Ashaninka of Peru. There section of the Amazon rain forest is a target of illegal logging operations. The Adventurists has given me the unique opportunity of diving head first into Indian culture while donating to CoolEarth's support of the Ashaninka. I can think of no better way to travel. I get to experience a place, a culture, in its truest form all while supporting another people's way of life. I can't wait!

Her bio is on its way but I'm guessing the highlights are going to be:
Critical Care Nurse, Rock Climber (spider monkey good), studying to be a mechanical engineer (because why not choose another awesomely complex career to become an expert at!!), wants to eventually dominate the green energy sector, LA born but treats the world as her home, and overall person-you-aspire-to-be! (Can you tell both Mo and I love her?)

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