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ZDNet.fr > News > Telecoms > iPhone 7 - innovation stagnates, Apple services pass first plane > 1 reaction 13 in Share + more iPhone 7 - innovation stagnates, Apple services pass 1st plan Technology: If you hope the introduction of major innovations with the iPhone 7, prepare to be disappointed. You might well look on the wrong side and neglect Apple services. Editor of ZDNet By Steve Ranger, ZDNet.com | Tuesday, September 6, 2016 The mill rumors Apple already offers a full list of new features for the iPhone credible 7 , whose presentation is scheduled for 7 September. A kind of dual camera configuration could make its appearance, while the 3.5mm headphone jack probably disappear to make room for a new sensor and a second speaker. Storage is finally redesigned with the disappearance of the minimalist option of 16 GB, a prediction already announced a year earlier. Improved water resistance and new colors are also suggested. The list has some interesting features, but - assuming everything discussed will be announced - this is at best incremental developments. They not likely to elicit a massive craze, even if removing the headphones irritate many consumers. There are obvious reasons for this lack of innovation. The main ? The iPhone is now a proven product with already nine years of existence. Apple is not going to upset a product that generates the majority of its revenues. If you expected Wednesday for an iPhone model with check, prepare for disappointment. That could add to Apple iPhone anyway? Some changes could be considered by Apple (my colleague Adrian Kingsley Hughes cites the wireless charging ), but nothing that can a priori make a big difference to companies or individuals. This does not mean that innovation smartphone is now ancient history - just that the pace will be much slower. The PC had not changed much over the years and then evolved rapidly with the emergence of two-in-one and hybrids such as Microsoft Surface and the Lenovo Yoga ranges. But smartphones have certainly reached a plateau in terms of innovation, although the curved screens and modular phones will move the lines at one time. But that will not happen this year or next. Beware services Now it is necessary to look beyond the hardware innovations to understand which direction to take Apple. The firm will look more over his shoulder: the smartphone is becoming commonplace increasing and the gap between the entry and premium shrinks. Affordable smartphones can be remarkably good. Apple must, to retain customers businesses and individuals find factors other than hardware. The focus will be on services: the iPhone has been a success because it has encouraged many developers to design apps. The iPhone will be a success if Apple persuades users to adopt more of its services like Apple Pay and Apple Music, or use their smartphones to control their home automation appliances. Apple has a strong position: it sold more than a billion iPhone and as Forrester points out, is faced with a software fragmentation very limited compared to its Android rival, making it "the premium platform for brands and developers. 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Rumors suggest that it is unlikely that Apple Watch with cellular connectivity makes its appearance this year. But this evolution is certain - perhaps for next year. Once the Apple Watch a standalone device, it will change the status of costly curiosity to potential alternative to smartphone as innovation - at least today - moves the wearables. The absence of significant technological breakthrough in the next iPhone Apple does not condemn to hell and damnation. The manufacturer maintains an extremely powerful position. But it does suggest that the market is changing again. The challenge for Apple is how to respond to this change

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