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Hello reader! I am Harriet and with my boyfriend Henry we are Nottingham-based Team IZUMI! In January 2017 we are taking part in the Rickshaw Run in India; a 3 week, 2500km rally from Cochin in the South, up the West coast and finishing at Jaisalmer. Team IZUMI! is named in homage to Izumi Yosuke, the Japanese inventor widely credited with inventing the rickshaw therefore allowing us to partake in this awesome trip! The Rickshaw Run is organised by the Adventurists. They supply each team a rickshaw (a 3 wheel, 7hp glorified lawn mower), organize a couple of parties and……that’s about it! There is no route, no AA roadside assistance and certainly no guarantee you’ll finish! What better way to explore this part of the world, that neither of us have experienced than twos up in a tuk tuk! (Couple of concerns ….. Concern#1 starvation — as anyone who has witnessed Henry eating a Tikka Masalla will confirm, he has a complete intolerance for anything spicy. The slightest hint of the stuff sets his mouth on fire that his body then attempts to extinguish by generating the all-over-face sweats. Either he must overcome this reaction enroute OR resort to eating grass, sand, dust etc OR starve. Concern#2 no route — I am a spreadsheet goddess. Without a defined route I have been unable to plan the complete trip in microscopic detail. Having to go to cold turkey has caused sleepless nights, nauseousness and required constant reassuring pats on the head along with the soothing words “calm down dear.” Hopefully these concerns will be put to bed before the January start date…..) Taking part in the rally gives Henry and I a good excuse to raise a little cash for charity. We are going to arrange a couple of events before Christmas that we want you all to take part in so please keep an eye out for them. All of the money donated goes directly to the charity as we have already paid for the costs of the rally ourselves.

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