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There are 6 Android with better camera than the iPhone 7 no more than one year old × Standout! Android 7.0 Nougat: tested on major developments video Posted by Alejandro Bermudez in Technology on 09/28/2016 at 19:13 filed under Apple iPhone , Apple iPhone 7 , Apple iPhone 7 Plus , Android Photography , HTC 10 , Motorola Moto X Force , Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + , Samsung Galaxy S7 edge , Image sensors , Sony Xperia X Performance , Sony Xperia Z5 SHARE 40 tweeting 7 vs iPhone the best Android phones One of the principal qualities which many users have chosen instead Android iPhone over the years, is the first photographic capacity. According to the latest data, the Apple phone and even get outperform their competitors in this field , which has dominated almost since the creation of the iPhone itself. Thus, if when you go to buy a mobile lend special attention to the photographic aspect of it, you should know that today, there are six Android phones with better camera than the iPhone in July . This does not tell us, but has It was the result of lengthy testing by experts DxOMark , a reference institution in the field of photography. iPhone 7 will not get back the throne photography iphone-7-DxOMark The recent iPhone 7 has one of the best cameras that exist in a smartphone today, that there is no doubt. However, what we do could be considered a problem is that, above this terminal there are six exceeding 86 points achieved by the device of Cupertino. Specifically, the phones that surpass the iPhone 7 are all Android, brands amply known as Sony, Samsung or HTC. In the first place, we have a tie at 88 points between the HTC 10, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Sony Xperia X performance . There are also three devices in second place, since all have managed 87 points. We talked about the Moto Z Force, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + and Sony Xperia Z5. iphone-7 According DxO, image quality has undergone a major improvement in the iPhone 7. Apparently, the device provides a reproduction of the most faithful colors, plus a white balance and color rendering that exceptional , however the device is not free from defects. One of them is the photography in poor light conditions, where we see a serious decline in detail in the images, plus much noise. Still, the camera does not break any records. And, even though Apple has had a year to improve what already exists, the US firm has hopelessly failed in this regard , not leveling expectations. Yes, the iPhone score 7 has vastly improved compared to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, 82 and 84 respectively. However, is this a sufficient improvement? iphone-7-copied-android Undoubtedly, for most users, yes. However, this is a slight improvement that will make many consumers begin to consider why spend 900 euros on a mobile device when you can spend 500 in another with the same quality construction specifications that give an almost identical performance and camera decidedly better.

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