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All prices iPhone 7 The release date of the new Apple iPhone 7 will be on 16 September 2016. Here are prices of the desired phone. The new iPhone in July has caused a sensation.The new iPhone in July has caused a sensation. (Marcio Jose Sanchez - Gtres) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter SEND BY MAIL DRAFTING Updated 08/09/2016 10:59 Yesterday Apple introduced the iPhone expected in July , and have confirmed many of the rumors that emerged around the new device brand. The new model includes important new features such as wireless headphones, water resistance, its powerful processor and its new home button, among others. The apple company unveiled the market price of both the iPhone 7 and the Plus version, in all its versions. Considering that the new model Apple has three storage capacities ( 64, 128 and 256 GB ), the company's Cupertino offers six products with different prices ranging from 750 the cheapest up to 1129 euros the most expensive, . the plus version you we detail the prices iPhone 7 below: iPhone 64GB 7: 769 euros. iPhone 7 128GB: 879 euros. iPhone 7 256GB: 989 euros. iPhone 7 Plus 64GB: 909 euros. iPhone 7 Plus 128GB: 1,019 euros. iPhone 7 Plus 256GB: 1129 euros. Fortunately for prospective buyers of the new Apple device , iPhone prices 7 does not increase compared to last year, and that yes that capacity increases. . Users destroy their iPhone 7 in search of connector 3.5 mm By Mariano Albera - 09/29/2016 4990 Share Facebook Twitter Although the vast majority of users would seem impossible, there are many users who follow a "tutorial false" have broken their brand new iPhone 7 in search connector 3.5 mm. Joke some iPhone owners 7 This joke, which caused the destruction of several iPhone in July , started thanks to a video on YouTube posted by TechRax devoted to rise "strange" videos resistance testing devices, among other things. Connecting iPhone headset hole 7 According to the video you will see below, Apple has not eliminated the 3.5mm , but it has hidden under the housing, in the same position it was in the iPhone 6s. So, to access he alone must take a good drill and start drilling in the classic connector location. As we can see in the video, after making the hole we can connect the headset "as usual" and enjoy our music. IMPORTANT, it is a joke Although it may seem unnecessary to clarify this, the procedure is part of a joke . This means that if we conduct the tutorial all you get is destroying our iPhone in July. Unfortunately, many have fallen into this joke As can be read in the comments of the video, there have been many users who claim to have done the procedure destroying the iPhone in the process. Are also many "ready" to provide a post office for the occasional user send them your iPhone (with ID Apple of course) offering to perform the procedure of "free" way. Shattering many iPhone 7 and is not the first time If we go back a while ago, when Apple released iOS 7 , much controversy was generated. Not only because iOS 7 drastically changed the visual appearance (and many internal changes), but because Internet turned a 'crazy theory "that this new version of iOS transformed to devices that settled in" water resistant " . Of course this was nothing more than a joke, but there were many who believed this and literally drowned their iPhone. joke iOS 7 similar to the iPhone 7 Something similar happened with the arrival of iOS 8 , which some jokers offered "wireless charging" if we put it in a microwave . Joke that cost the life to more than one iPhone. iOS 8 joke similar to the current iPhone 7 As we see, there will always be enough people "naive" (to call it somehow) to be left out by this type of "advice" . I hope you're not one of them.

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