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Digitization Story DPD continuously analyzes new trends on points of the parcel market. An important format for it is the "digital think tank" of DPD: Every three months, come to representatives of DPD from different departments and hierarchical levels with external stakeholders and digital experts. These include start-up founders, Business Schools, digital agencies, business consultants and IT vendors. Findings from this "think tank" have also been included in the DPD app. External partners of DPD in the development of DPD app included the digital agencies "mistresstech" (Hamburg / Los Angeles) and "Spoiled Milk" (Hamburg / Budapest). The DPD app is the culmination of a strategy of DPD wins to private recipients market share in the booming Paketversand: Digital Innovations like the app bring maximum transparency and flexibility - combined with an excellent digital user experience not only on the desktop, but also on mobile Devices. DPD uses its technological trends such as Big Data , predictive analytics or geocoding. The implementation The core of the app is the live tracking of DPD: On an exact map display of the receiver sees during the delivery at any time, where his package is. The Delivery Time announces DPD to one hour exactly, during the delivery, the time window is shortened to 30 minutes. The app reveals also how long in stations yet to own delivery. Those who can not be home for delivery, directs his package to simple. The election of a new Zustellorts - eg Package Store, workspace or desire neighbor - is possible as well as a shut-Okay or other Zustelltag. A detour is possible until 5 minutes before the delivery. On request, keep push messages to customers about the package status to date. As the industry's first DPD also makes qualified online usage habits of consumers for shipping packages available. So DPD uses a simple evaluation logic to open a systematic feedback channel to the receiver. Moreover, the tip feature allows for the first time direct micropayment transactions between the receiver and parcel delivery. The project work was not organized hierarchically, but was controlled interdisciplinary and cross-functional. Roles and responsibilities were formulated initially exactly. Particularly important for the targeted bringing together stakeholders was the regular and frequent personal exchanges. Extremely helpful while digital aids such as video conferencing for weekly online meetings. All project-related documents were available online via SharePoint or Google Drive for everyone involved. The "orchestrate" the internal stakeholders and the numerous external service was one of the most important prerequisites for the successful implementation of the project. DPD CEO Boris Winkelmann has made the digital transformation becoming a major part of the corporate strategy of DPD. Meanwhile DPD has been on a high level of digital penetration, so that even many digital processes of change could be transferred to the line operation. The business benefits The DPD app has been since the start in September 2015 will have downloaded more than 450,000 times. More than 190,000 users have registered and also allows you to control multiple shipments simultaneously and synchronize their devices everywhere. The flexible delivery options are currently used up to 100,000 times per week (2.5 million "diversions" since launching the app). The evaluation function already recorded more than 170,000 service reviews, in section enter the user 4 of 5 stars. 1,600 delivery staff have already deposited their PayPal account to receive gratuities. The Company recorded in 2015, the strongest growth in 20 years (plus 8 percent sales yoy). Growth drivers is clear of online trading. The market share of DPD in the B2C segment now stands at 8-10 percent. In 2013, there were only 5-7 percent. Whether with his contribution DPD "DPD app - receive convenient and flexible packages," the Digital Leader Award 2016 in the category Shape Experience can be achieve, shows up on the big awards gala on June 29, 2016 in Berlin.

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