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Five crazy unicorns from the lovely Swiss city St.Gallen try to conquer India with two Rickshaws - and saving the world by donating some money to Cool Earth. Support us and be our hero of the day! Thierry, Stephan, Magdalena, Michi and Carole ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fünf verrückte Unicorns aus dem Schweizer Städtchen St.Gallen erobern Indien - und retten nebenbei die Welt in dem sie Spenden für Cool Earth sammeln. Hilf uns dabei und sei unser Held! Thierry, Stephan, Magdalena, Michi and Carole

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From January 2nd to 15th we will race from Cochin to Jaisalmer with a rickshaw. We are not yet completely sure if this is a good idea but it will be the most awesome trip we have ever had (and will probably ever have in our lives).

This crazyness is organized by The Adventurist who is supporting Cool Earth. As The Adventurist puts it: "We must save every rainforest in the world so future generations have somewhere to get stuck. Not because we’re tree hugging sandal weavers, but because the world would be shit without them."

So help us save the tigers and orang-utans (and maybe even some unicorns) and donate on this webpage.

All about the Rickshaw Run: http://www.theadventurists.com/rickshaw-run/

Our Blog tracking our Adventure [coming soon]:



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