LMNH (Look mum no hands) attempt India in a Rickshaw

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We are three siblings from New Zealand attempting to drive the length of India on a glorified lawnmower, to help make a difference to rainforests, cause lets be honest- they're incredibly cool. Saving the rainforest is necessary and long overdue.

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Climate change is the biggest problem facing our planet. Luckily, protecting rainforest is the best solution we have to slowing down global warming.

LMNH (Look Mum No Hands) is made up of three siblings from NZ attempting to make it through India to help this incredibly awesome charity, Cool Earth.

So, our reason for Cool Earth? Well our influential Uncle spent his life standing up for the planet- so we thought, why not carry on his legacy. To effect climate change and our future, we need your help in supporting us via a donation.

Why you should support us, supporting them?
Well, Cool Earth's partnerships are located in countries where the threat to the forest is greatest, on the verge of intensive deforestation. Each partners with villages whose homes are now on the frontline of destruction.

A village decides what it needs most and how funds are spent – everything from clean water and a new classroom to midwife training and mosquito nets.

Better health, better education and better livelihoods all lead to forest kept standing.
An example of a project they worked on- is Orangerie Bay. Palm Oil companies were on their doorstep. They faced an agonising decision: Sell their land, or continue to live in extreme poverty.
Cool Earth stepped in by helping give control back to indigenous people by putting land back in the hands of the people who are best placed to protect it. As it's the most effective way to save forest. Check out Orangeries Bay a year on- https://vimeo.com/182831551

So, we would like to help support this awesome charity, and in turn- we promise to keep you entertained as you follow our story. Please donate on this page.

Love LMNH xxx


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