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Discover the best lock screens to customize your Android × Standout! Google Pixel and Pixel 5.5: the we tested, and these are the news you need to know Posted by Sergio Agudo in Customizing the 06/25/2015 at 20:02 filed under Android applications customization , Android lock screens , Android customization , Comparative compilations and Android SHARE 1 tweeting Lock Booster optimizes your terminal with each release As already it said on many occasions, one of the features that make Android more attractive is the ability to customize it to almost where the user wants . Whenever you think of customizing the first thing that comes to mind are things like wallpapers , packages of icons like Moonshine and even keyboards like SwiftKey . Almost never we remember that there is at least one other element that we can customize Android without resorting to special methods. We refer to the lock screen terminal , which can substitute for a fuller, more customizable or help us more in our day to day. That is why today in Andro4all we decided to show you the best lock screens on Android , you will find grouped in this article. Next Lock Screen next lock screen Microsoft's new philosophy of being multiplatform with its software has been having its fruits, and Next Screen Lock is a good example of design applied to Microsoft Android ecosystem. Its appearance is elegant and simple, but under what looks at first glance there is a whole network of calculations that take into account what applications are those you use most often in the most diverse sites. Of course, it is not mandatory to use this function in Lock Next Screen, in which case you can stay with her for her great presentation of notifications and other key phone functions. Google Play | Next Lock Screen (free) AcDisplay acdisplay There are many applications to customize the lock screen looking for a look minimalist, but none of them achieved as well as AcDisplay . Small icons are used to display notifications, and if we do a long press on these icons will see more details regarding the notification. To dismiss it 'll just slide your finger down . AcDisplay even uses the phone's sensors to detect when we have the terminal in your pocket or use it , so that the display lights and with respect to that premise goes off. Google Play | AcDisplay (free) C Locker Free c locker free C Locker Free is a significant lock screen with a bunch of features and shortcuts with which refine this feature of your terminal. There are over 30 customizable shortcuts to make calls, access applications and even view your notifications. One of the most valuable options C Locker Free is to make a double or triple tap the screen to turn it off , a feature normally reserved for high - end phones. There is a version Pro payment, but I recommend you try before C Locker Free if some of its features is not compatible with your terminal. Google Play | C Locker Free (free) Echo Notification Lockscreen Echo lockscreen notification Echo displays messages in an elegant lock screen with a minimalist design that gives you a good level of control over what you see and what you have access. As you can see in the picture, you can create categories for your notifications , such as "Work" or "social networks" and choose which applications are in each. This means you have direct access to more applications from this screen lock that through that usually comes by default in the terminal. Google Play | Echo Notification Lockscreen (free) Hi locker Hi Locker 5 Hi Locker is a lock screen that combines classic style with Android Lollipop views , all with a nice design Material Design. You can add shortcuts to own favorite applications, using different methods of unlocking as a pattern or a personal PIN that you choose at any time, you can even configure that once the terminal is connected to your regular Wi-Fi, does not require pattern release. Hi Locker is one of the screens most complete lock you can find right now in Android, and a very attractive solution to personalize this item. Google Play | Hi Locker (free) Cover Lock Screen Cover-for-Android Cover features to access from the lock screen applications that we use , and that the app learns from our daily use. It also has a completely customizable background, which also will change depending on our location . However, what is most striking is the ability to access the most used applications with just one gesture, which also vary depending on our location. Locker is the mention of honor in this collection , since a year ago is not updated and does not seem to go out of phase beta . In my case I have been using it for a long time, and is a good application to change the lock screen that comes by default in the terminal. Google Play | Cover Lock Screen (free) And so we close our review to which, in our opinion, are the best Android lock screens . We hope that you share many of them with us, and if not you can leave us your favorite in the comments.

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