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10 WEBSITES TO DOWNLOAD FREE LEGAL MUSIC By Juliana Jara - July 8, 2016 512 Reactions music For many, music is a way of life. With the advent of internet, its distribution was made easier by being able to download virtually any song. But download free music illegally is not a good choice for those looking to support artists, record labels and shops. Although there are numerous websites and applications like Pandora, Spotify and Tidal allowing open accounts at no cost, you need to have a good internet connection permanently. Fortunately, there are still excellent websites that allow you to download and store music for free. Many of these sites are flooded with popular artists like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran; but if you look in the right places, you can probably find some popular song of other great artists. Most offer music from independent musicians, who are not yet in the big leagues, which does not mean that his music is bad. These are some of our favorite websites. Prepare for the day when Comcast decided to cut the service. Free Music Archive In 2009, community radio station WFMU call based in New Jersey, began a project that would allow the public access to contemporary music of all genres. Since its inception, WFMU has partnered with dozens of curators and the website became a veritable treasure trove of free content. The page can index free music published by other partner organizations and also allows users to share music directly on files Web page. Providing these possibilities, the page is today, a huge music library. KEXP stations recognized as frequently publish live cuts from their studio sessions. Some tracks can not be of the best quality, but will not cost you a penny. Noisetrade Noisetrade is characterized as a partially free platform. You can download any song or album of any independent artist, but in return, the website will ask for your address and zip code. It also suggests help promote artists through Facebook and Twitter as well as donate $ 6 to the artist. The interface is very light and simple, allowing you to easily search artists. We also recommend songs, artists, events near and offers exclusive pre-release songs along with links to social networks of artists. Amazon Not surprisingly, the Internet Walmart has a lot of bargains and free MP3 downloads. As of this writing, Amazon has exactly 46.706 free tracks available, and will surely continue to grow over time. The main advantage of this site is that you can easily search, filtering by genre, reporting how many free songs fall into each category. To find the free tracks, you can click here or go to the Movies, Music & Games> Digital Music> Offers> Free section. You can also choose the music in the same way Amazon purchase other goods: based on reviews and user reviews that should be read with caution. Jamendo With about 400,000 songs from about 40,000 artists, Jamendo is by far one of the largest deposits of free music on the Internet. You will not find here their favorite artists, but the interface can easily find new talented musicians. Instead of searching by genre, you can search tracks by popular, most downloaded, the most heard and the latest release. The popularity of a song is measured based on the evaluations of users. So despite the large number of songs available on the site, it will be easy to find a song you like. If you want to experience new music and meet new artists, this site is for you. SoundCloud Not all songs available on Soundcloud are free, but you can find free music big and small artists to have found the official profile. You can browse Soundcloud by artist, genre, popularity and latest releases. You will be surprised to see the amount of free music available There is also a section of the site dedicated to songs released by Creative Commons licenses, which means you can download and mixing them at will. This is basically the Youtube website to share music: anyone can post their songs through this site by specifying whether the content can be downloaded or only can be heard online. The community of users of this site is very active and has an elegant interface with a useful navigation bar at the top, and direct access to mobile applications site. Artists do not always offer free downloads, but producers almost always do. PureVolume Getting to the top is never easy. Purevolume helps new artists to promote groups that are still unknown in the music world, acting as a social network where both the public and artists can create profiles and have conversations of musical interest. The public can write about artists they like and share songs among friends and musicians directly contact and talk about their favorite songs. Also, musicians can write updates on their music and approach their fans. All downloads are legal, and even though the songs are free, there are some "premium" tracks to be purchased or heard online for free on the site. Artists can create a profile for free, and users can search for music by categories even if the artist does not have an account on the site. Purevolume is often the only way to meet new artists (good or bad). vimeo vimeo-7-720x720 Although Vimeo is best known for being a video - sharing website, you have indeed a great music library. Many of the songs are related to the videos, but you can use the "music search" tool to search and download MP3 songs. The website has more than 100,000 songs and nearly half of them are available for free. Users can search music by genre, mood, rhythm, musical instruments and sound effects to specify well what they want. If you want to use music for your own projects, vimeo offers a menu with which you can search for tracks by type of commercial license. A recommendations tab is available to users who use the platform on a regular basis. However, most free music available is somewhat esoteric, which you want to say you will not find names of artists recognized. Live Music Archive 11-free-music-live-music-archive-640x640 L ive Music Archive is a partnership between the Internet Archive and , a community dedicated to providing versions of songs in high quality concert. Many songs focus on bands like Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident and Sound Tribe Sector 9 but still there are many other bands to choose from : The Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Johnson, Animal Collective, etc. You can also search by genre from jazz to reggae. Browse the site can be wasteful in the amount of content, but there is always a way to filter the results by date of publication, title and original creator. Once you find what you want, you can download songs individually as FLAC or mp3. Unfortunately, the website does not ensure quality. last-fm-2-720x720 When was created in 2002, I worked as a station like Pandora or iHeartRadio radio. But in 2005, the site adopted Audioscribbler, a system of music recommendation that gathers information from dozens of audio and pages of streaming music to create user profiles that reflect your musical taste to perfection and their habits listen to music. Now, the site has 100 billion reproductions equivalent to more than 7 million years. You can download music from the button at the bottom of the page that says "Free Music Downloads" (free downloads). The content is eclectic and free. DatPiff Datpiff-2-720x720 This is a site for those who like rap. the hip-hop community is a factory of new productions due to mixtures generated. Some of the tracks that are on this site are compilations of artists seeking to have relevance and some are new creations based on a famous song. DatPiff is the only site on this list featuring mainstream music artists like Future and Drake and remain the number one place where fans will download new discs. The site has a pop-out player from which you can listen to the song before downloading, and collects songs from sites like HipHopEarly.

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