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The Plan: Two men. One ridiculously underpowered car. 10,000 miles of adventure! This is the Mongol Rally, a charity road rally from London, England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia! This annual event (beginning July 16th, 2017 at the South Hampton Speedway) pits teams of adventurers against some of the most difficult roads in the world in a winner-take-all contest between Man, Machine, and Nature! The Team: Team “Seemed Like A Good Idea” is composed of Brian Gardes and Derek Shields. Gardes, a middle school humanities teacher, believes that his experience teaching ancient history as well as his exploits restoring a 1974 VW bus will be valuable assets on the trip. Shields, an accomplished videographer, is happy to document every wrong turn, flat tire, and jaw-dropping scene of beauty they encounter. Both of us are parents. We want to ensure that this planet will be here for our children and grand children. By supporting efforts to halt climate change, we can ensure adventures for generations to come.

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