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This year's birthday fundraiser I'm focusing on air and our atmosphere. Supporting Cool Earth helps mitigate the release of CO2 into our atmosphere and protects and creates ecological carbon sinks. By preventing deforestation and mining through supporting economic independence of local populations we are able to maintain an important ecological and atmospheric balance.

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I've chosen to raise funds for Cool Earth in lieu of other research or investments into carbon reduction for a number of reasons. Primarily that there is quite a bit of R & D put into creating alternative energy, and ultimately I believe the way to encourage this is by creating a market for these advances by buying or opting into these options as they become available.

Secondly our atmosphere has already passed the bar of CO2 in parts per million for maintaining our current global temperatures. This means we need to find a way to extract CO2 from the air if we want to maintain current ecological balance.

Based on my research I believe that soil carbon sinks are the potentially best way to go about doing this, and one of the best carbon sinks we currently have are our rain forests. By protecting these forests we are preventing huge amounts of carbon release into the atmosphere and maintaining and study a healthy carbon exchange.

I explain my reasoning in depth in detail on my blog here:

Cool Earth has the wonderful benefit of working with indigenous populations to protect not only their home, but their way of life by helping them achieve modern financial independence. By doing so these populations are able to resist the financial pressures of logging, mining, and the drug trade. Through financial independence the populations create a chain around standing rain forests that prevent these groups from gaining a foothold and beginning deforestation efforts.

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