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Different Types of USPS Mail Forwarding USPS offers its customers with two kinds of mail forwarding services i.e. regular mail forwarding or premium mail forwarding. Regular mail forwarding service: Herein the mail shall be sent to you after it reaches to the first destination. Then the new mailing address shall be put on the post and put back to mailing system for delivery. The mail shall be received within one to two weeks, depending on your distance. Once the address has been changed, a welcome kit shall be received by the user. Premium mail forwarding service: Herein the mails shall be received within 2-3 working days. These services come along with weekly fees of USD 18.65 and USD 17.10 while enrolling online. Mails using this service will be sent through priority mail service. However, residential service is only available temporarily ranging from 15 days to a year. Moreover one cannot have access to such services online. Note that the first class emails shall be sent separately without levying any extra cost on users. Conclusion of USPS Mail Thus USPS mail forwarding service is one of the most useful services especially for users who keeps on moving or changing their address and does not wish to miss any of their emails. Amongst two categories of mail forwarding service, one can choose any one of them suiting their requirements and urgency.usps tracking

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