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Greetings Earthlings! This January, Danner Bradshaw, Nate Pakula and Bill Bjornstad will be embarking on The Rickshaw Rally, a 3000+ kilometer trip across India in an almighty Rickshaw-basically a 3-wheeled, "7-horsepower glorified riding lawnmower”. The rally is being sponsored by The Adventurist in an effort to raise money for charity and provide some daily routine-breaking adventure at the same time. This year’s rally is raising money for Cool Earth, a non-profit focused on preserving what rainforest we have left on this Earth. Over the last 40 years, half the world’s rainforests have been destroyed and despite all the efforts over the years of trying to save and protect the rainforest, they are being erased at an increasing rate. That’s why Cool Earth decided to go about things differently. They don’t create reserves or put up fences. They don’t buy land. Instead, they put indigenous people back in control of the world’s most endangered rainforest. Local people stand to lose the most from deforestation but the most to gain from its protection. As such, they are the forest’s best possible custodians. That’s why all Cool Earth partnerships are community-owned and led — an approach that research is continually proving to be the most effective way to keep rainforest standing. By developing local livelihoods, their mission is to end the cycle of deforestation entrenching villages into further poverty. Creating strong, self-determining communities — not dependency. Cool Earth is also the only charity that works solely where the threat to the forest is greatest, on the frontline of deforestation. They are now working alongside 113 rainforest villages throughout the world. In addition to all of this, rainforest have also given us life-saving drugs, adorable three-toed sloths, Harambe, Sean Connery in Medicine Man, and penis gourds. Watch the informational video below for more info on Cool Earth and their methodology, then take a peek at some of the photos we posted in the gallery to get you even more fired up. 100% of your donation will go towards Cool Earth’s local partnerships. Please help with your financial support! Donations are made in UK pounds. An £8 pound donation is roughly 10 US dollars as of 11/28/16. I know its international, but don't worry, it's legit. Cheers. ~Bill, Nate & Danner

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