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Today, in our quest to control every aspect of the Earth, we humans have damaged the ecosystem in a way which, if not stopped now will sound the death knell for future generations. We have tasted the best our nature has had to offer, and we would like to help preserve this wonderful planet in all its glory for our children and all the future generations. We are a couple of friends who feel deeply for this Earth and are driving from London to Ulan Ude in Russia to raise funds to save the Rain forests with Cool Earth. Its a privilege to be able to contribute to this noble cause and we solicit your help in doing your bit by donating towards this campaign.

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As we grow old and look back to our childhoods, we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be able to experience nature and at the same time feel saddened to see our children not being able to do so. We feel that at this rate we will irreparably damage the Earth in a couple of generations. We therefore plan to drive down in a totally unsuitable car from London to Ulan Ude and while we are at it, raise as much money as we can for saving the Rainforests in partnership with Cool Earth. Its our contribution and wish to leave this earth a better place for the future generations

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