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he best Android applications to download music in P2PShareTweetPlus +pin thisNovember 1, 2016 Best Android applications to download music in P2P 2016-11-01T17: 33: 39 + 00: 00 - The best Android apps - 0 Comments Devices with Android operating system, now allow us to do many things, including, a common use made for a smartphone, is listening to the music, as if it were an mp3 player. With Android since there are so many ways to listen to music, either from web sites, which with application, such as Spotify, but if you want more and download music in MP3 format to have its own list of favorite songs and even transfer them pC how? Before we start, please remember that these applications are also providing some of your data stored on your smartphone, such as ringtones and mp3, so watch to privacy and what you share. So let's see what are the best Android applications to download music in P2P : μTorrent®- Torrent Downloader 1 He could not miss the famous Torrent, not only for PCs, but also for Android, so you can download all the music you want even on your smartphone. The app works like the PC, you must first make a search for the MP3 files or albums affected by search app, the results will be displayed in a browser window, then just get in, click the Torrent just found files so start the download. . 1 2 3 4 download . GoSeek 1 Who knows the good old Soulseek? For the uninitiated, it is a p2p where you can download and share music of all kinds, as does Emule, but above all there is also a lot of music non-commercial alternative, from black metal, to punk, to various rock genre, but even of different film and video type. Applying a little cumbersome at first, but those who know Soulseek able to use it without too many problems and can download individual MP3 or entire albums.

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