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UPS shipment tracking, tracking, package tracking UPS logo The tracking of parcels and consignments is equally important for consignors and consignees, to ensure a simple, complete shipment tracking. UPS Enter tracking number: Trackingnummer... Tracks Contact to UPS Telephone Hotline: 01806882663 * * (20 cents / call from a German landline; mobile max 60 cents / call..) Fax: 02131-9472222 Email : [email protected] UPS Contact : Click here The following article provides information about the process, the benefits and the issues of security and legal foundations in the context of UPS prosecution. The package must be located at any time by means of a control number Delivery - Copyrights UPS Delivery - Copyrights UPS In the case of dispatching the shipment by number, a number is assigned to the package as in the case of other package dispensers. In the case of airfreight, sea freight and foreign consignments, further control numbers are also to be assigned. These numbers can be found online and be pursued. The package tracking based reference is particularly traders benefit, because the reference can be determined by the customer itself - up to 35 characters can (to simplify the accounting expense) customer or order number of the customers are given. Words are also possible. In addition to the reference number, the consignment number, the destination country and the postal code of the destination must be specified for this sequence variant. A package can also be tracked via e-mail or SMS via UPS. To do so, a registration at UPS - at the e-mail address tot[email protected] is necessary. In this type of shipment tracking, the UPS customer writes an e-mail with the control number to the service provider and receives the desired information. If the customer chooses the notification service when registering and stores a mobile phone number, he will be informed of the sending status by SMS. UPS has introduced a special kind of package tracking with "Signature Tracking". This type of delivery and shipment tracking is not suitable for each package, but primarily for "sensitive shipments". After registration with UPS, the customer must authenticate. He can then receive the signature, the name and the address of the delivery. Transparency in cargo operation optimizes customer communication Delivery trucks - Copyrights UPS Delivery trucks - Copyrights UPS The advantage of the UPS shipment tracking is the transparency of the transport path of the freight from the task to the delivery. You will always receive the most up-to-date information on the whereabouts of your parcel and will be the first to know about any delays. This information can then be passed on to your customers or simply to the recipient of the package. This possibility of communication can minimize disputes due to delivery times or payment conditions in advance. The other advantages are the variable tracking possibilities: Whether by e-mail, SMS, transmission number, reference number or "signature tracking" - UPS offers every user a variety of possibilities to stay "on stand" in terms of parcel delivery. With the mobile application, the UPS customer can also track the freight from internet-enabled, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Flex Global View UPS system provides sophisticated reporting and reporting. It is particularly interesting for commercial customers who always have to keep an eye on their stock of goods along the production line and rely on reliable delivery in times of "just-in-time" production. User-friendly is the short way to register with UPS as well as the visual visualization of the shipment status. It provides each user with fast information about the current delivery status and any delays. Private users appreciate transparency, commercial customers use broadcasting because of obligation to pay Private users are familiar with the benefits of tracking a package when they often order online or sell goods for sale. Both the location of the purchased goods and whether the goods sold have already reached their destination are tracked. The vendors can thus provide proof that they have placed the goods in the mailing list or inform them about their shipping status. Commercial customers use the dispatch prosecution on the basis of the obligation to pay - not least also to authorities. A VAT refund is possible for international consignments with proof. Customs regulations for export outside the European Union can also be duly substantiated, as exports must be demonstrated. Security techniques protect customer data Cargo - Copyrights UPS Cargo - Copyrights UPS The security of their customer data as well as the secure dispatch of their freight items is particularly important for UPS. Technical protection functions, which are continually updated, protect the UPS customer numbers from unauthorized use by third parties. Authentication mechanisms and various security elements ensure that consignments sent via UPS Internet Shippin or UPS WorldShip â„¢ are securely received. The activities, which run via the homepage, are encrypted by SSL certificate. This will protect the customer number and account connection of UPS customers. In addition, UPS is committed to conducting unauthorized debits, and is in constant contact with work groups that seek to uncover fraud on the web. Customers should ensure that the UPS homepage is displayed via https and that the security certificate is displayed as far as possible. UPS terms of delivery provide legal basis The legal basis as well as the liability provisions are stipulated for freight deliveries in the terms and conditions of the UPS. Accordingly, the company is responsible for the collection, transport, customs clearance and delivery (see section 2 Scope of Service). It is also made clear that UPS can not be held liable for a service interruption (see point 6), which is "not within the sole responsibility" of UPS. The liability, if the package is damaged or lost, depends on the package type. If the value exceeds the amount of the liability, a punctual advance is possible in advance and can be initiated. about the company The history of UPS dates back more than 100 years. The company, which was founded in the USA in 1907, has established itself as an internationally operating company. Since 1919 it is known under the company name "United Parcel Service". The package manufacturer is the world leader in transport and logistics services. And it can not be overlooked even on the streets thanks to the brown vans with UPS print. The color is due to the Pullman railroad car, a metaphor for quality and luxury. The company is located in Atlanta. The European headquarters is located in Brussels and one of the most important German branches is located in Neuss. If the package tracking does not work, our support or the support of the respective package service will help you.

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