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Saving the rainforest with Lars and Patrick

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On 2nd January Lars and Patrick set off on an epic traverse of India, covering more than 3000 km from Kochi in the South to Jaisalmer in the North, in nothing but a Rickshaw. Crazy? - yes quite! But what's even more crazy is that 36 football fields of rainforest is chopped down every minute. The rainforest is home to over half the animal species in the world. It supplies us with fresh water, oxygen, medecins and is home to 350 million people. The list just goes on. You can help save further trees from falling by giving a donation to our campaign for the Cool Earth charity. Cool Earth works by supporting villages in the rainforest with better infrastructure, clinics, schools and livelihoods to avoid deforrestation. Our journey starts 2nd January. Thanks for your support! Follow out blog and track our progress here

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