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lottery introduction Lotteries have been a way to increase revenue for the government for a very long time. They were used to raise money for special projects in China for over 2000 years, including the Great Wall of China. Lottery legislation varies considerably from state to state and from country to country. In many places they are the only legal form of gambling. While there are many ways to play the lottery and prices have grown by the billion dollars, they are still basically a 50/50 raffle. In other words, 50% of the ticket sales go to a particular project or government program, and the other 50% are somehow divided among the winners. It's not too much to say, adjusting on lotteries on one side. For now this lottery main page is an index of resources in various lotteries and lottery games. advice The lottery is more or less a game of chance, but there are some ways to improve your chances. Here are my general tips is for all lotteries. Not playing: With very few exceptions, lotteries are a terrible bet. The house advantage in most games is approximately 50%. If you need to play, try to do it in moderation. Select the speed dial option: If you are playing games based on the selection of numbers, do not choose themselves People are terrible in random numbers selection .. If you do, and win the jackpot, Chances are you have to share a lot of other people with that. The same numbers for the same reason you have taken Your chances are much better than random computer numbers with the fast selection option. Zero Game Cards: Basically offer scratch cards and earn better value than games with selection of numbers. Return around 60%, versus 50% in the number of games selection of bets of $ 1, scratch and win. With the raise the bet increases the expected performance for scratch cards and wins. Avoid trademark Games: Play a scratch and win game with a protected name. As with slot machines, the brand owner is usually a piece of cake, and comes from the player's part, not the state. It is not a small amount, but approximately 6% of total ticket sales. Card Counting: For the same reason, card counting in Blackjack works, so it does with many scratch cards. Many lotteries publish the number of unclaimed tickets in their active games. For example, this is one such page for Mustache money from the Texas Lottery. Their chances are better if the percentage of big unclaimed wins is high compared to the same percentage of small wins. Compare played together and play the one where the remaining cards are rich in big wins. Lotteries I have a very thorough treatment of the California Lottery and Texas Lottery. Follow more states. Games Please see my Powerball side during a long review of this game. One page of Mega Millions is "to do" on my list. Article Are they smart player of the lottery? - Have the US states with better lottery yields tend to a greater loss per inhabitant than states where the lottery again worse? pocket calculator Powerball Calculator - Calculate the odds for Powerball or any lottery with five "white balls" and "one" Powerball. Mega Millions Calculators - Calculate Quotas for the Mega Millions any of the five white balls "and" a "Mega Ball". Choose Six Calculator - Calculate "six-choice" game of opportunities for each. SuperLotto Plus - California Lottery game.

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