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In light of our heightened sense of adventure (and stupidity), this April we've decided to race what is effectively your dad's lawn mower 3000km across India in the middle of Summer for charity. That charity is Cool Earth! Basically Cool Earth are awesome. They work alongside indigenous villages to help halt rainforest destruction; work which undoubtedly is invaluable in the current geo-economical climate we live in. The Rickshaw Run has designated Cool Earth as their main charity so our job is to try and raise money for them! If you can support us on our ridiculous adventure, we promise to provide you with some extra stupid photos and videos of the crazy adventure.

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Not only do Rainforests regulate our climate, but they also help to prevent soil erosion, they provide us with numerous medications and natural products, they are a home for hundreds of thousands of wildlife and are even home for some people!

To find out more about what Cool Earth does, check out the link below!

To find out more about The Rickshaw Run, check out The Adventurists website here!



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