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Packages USPS still not arrived after more than a month. Options the 05-09-2012 1:24 p.m. Hello. I bought a product from an American seller on July 19, 2012, taking as shipping mode "USPS Priority Mail International". The seller (apparently in good faith), sent the package on 24th July and sent me the tracking number (LC578268884US) giving proof that the package was well gone. We also see on the site of USPS that the package is well gone and should therefore be in France ... However, we are on 5 September 2012 and I still have no news of the package. Obviously, I opened a Paypal dispute in order to be "covered" but the seller hastened to communicate the tracking number to Paypal. So I'm seriously beginning to worry. Will Paypal reimburse me anyway despite the tracking number that the seller to release if the package does not arrive before the end of the dispute? What are the ways to try to find the parcel in France? (I think it is blocked at customs, but what to do?) After the dispute, the seller only contacted me to (re) communicate the tracking number and tell me that the package was surely blocked ... Thank you in advance for your help. usps tracking hasn't updated in 4 days usps tracking how does it work usps tracking held in customs usps tracking hold mail usps tracking has not been updated usps tracking hong kong usps tracking hk usps tracking international usps tracking issues usps tracking in canada usps tracking info not updating usps tracking in transit to destination usps tracking india usps tracking in uk usps tracking intranet usps tracking in transit usps tracking jobs usps tracking japan usps tracking jamaica ny usps tracking just says in transit to destination usps tracking just says acceptance usps tracking jeddah usps tracking korea usps tracking ksa usps tracking kiosk usps tracking kuwait usps tracking kenya

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