WhyNot Rickshaw Run April 2017

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4 guys trying to prevent our world from becoming boring (We aren't fundraising for that poor guy in the middle... he's good now, but we don't have a better photo. It's all for CoolEarth.) Our goal is to have fun during the Rickshaw Run; however, we want you to join us on the adventure, and help us to support the CoolEarth initiatives. If you would like to donate, please click "Donate to this Campaign" below. If you donate anything from $5 to $1000, you can Join in on the fun. Tell us what you would like to see us do during the Run (climb a tree, kiss an elephant, or dance in a Polka-dot dress)...

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Local people stand to lose the most from deforestation but the most to gain from its protection. As such, they are the forest’s best possible custodians. That’s why all Cool Earth partnerships are community-owned and led – an approach that research is continually proving to be the most effective way to keep rainforest standing.

By developing local livelihoods, their mission is to end the cycle of deforestation entrenching villages into further poverty. Creating strong, self-determining communities – not dependency.

They are also the only charity that works solely where the threat to the forest is greatest, on the frontline of deforestation. And each of their partnerships forms a shield to make the neighbouring forest inaccessible to loggers – saving millions of acres of further forest.



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