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OptiFine (Optimize Minecraft) Tool for Minecraft 1.11.2, 1.11, 1.8, 1.7.10 OptiFine et cette astuce va vous permettre d’optimiser votre minecraft peu importe la version et ainsi d’éviter tout crash ou ralentissement de votre jeu. Ceci vous permettra également d’utiliser des packs de textures de meilleures résolutions sans rammer et des mods qui demandent beaucoup de ressources. The combination of this mod (OptiFine) and technology that follows will save you a lot of fps (frames per second) valuable for the proper functioning of your Thurs. First of all the mod: OptiFine FPS boost ( examples ) - OptiFine Double your SPF and makes your game more fuilde, reduces lag and softens the Gameplay. Support for HD Textures - Support for HD textures, HD fonts, items of textures, texture animation (No need MCPatcher). Support for Shaders - Replaces Mod Shaders for using shaders . Dynamic Lights - Generates advanced lighting effects much like Dynamic Lights mod. Render Distance variable ( example ) - Distance rendering Tiny variable to Far (2 x Far) in increments of 16m. The sun, moon and étoires are visible in "Tiny" and "Short" also. Configurable Smooth Lighting ( examples ) - from 1% to 100% no shadows with all the shadows. Performance: VSync - Fixed bugs related to displays the timing of the game with the refresh of the screen to improve the flow of gameplay. Smart Advanced OpenGL - More éfficace and less bugs with 2 options: Fast : faster but bugs are visible / Fancy : slower but avoid displays of bugs Fog control - Fog: Fancy, Fast, OFF - Fog start: Near, Far Mipmaps ( examples ) - Greatly improves the rendering of distant objects by smoothing textures. Mipmap level: OFF, 1, 2, 3, Max / Mipmap type - Nearest, Linear Anisotropic Filtering ( examples ) - Improves texture detail after using Mapmaps. AF level - OFF, 2, 4, 8, 16. Antialiasing ( examples ) - also improves the rendering of textures (Configuration of antialiasing is present on many PC games). AA level - OFF, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16. Better Grass - Put grass on the sides of the blocks where there is grass. Better Snow ( examples ) - Corrects blocks textures to match the snow biome. Clear Water ( examples ) - Delivers the clear, transparent water and provides good visibility underwater. Custom Sky ( example ) - You can personalize the sky textures for day and night. Random Mobs ( video ) - Use different textures for a host of same mobs (Available in the texture pack installed). Connected Textures ( examples ) - Connects textures for glass, windows, sandstone blocks and library that are side by side. Natural Textures ( examples ) - Removes the effect of "repeat" when placing even several blocks side by side. Faster Math - Improves the performance of the game at the CPU L1 cache. FPS control ( examples ) - Stabilizes FPS emptying the buffer of the graphics driver. Loading Control Chunk : Loading Far: Charge the far chunks of your world -> Chunk change faster. Chunk preload: Defines an area in which no new chunks will be loaded. Chunks updates frame by frame: Allows faster loading of the world. Dynamic Updates: Loads more chunks per frame when the player is still. Details configurable : Nuages : Default, Fast(bas), Fancy(élevé) Taille des nuages : De 0% à 100% Trees: Default, Fast (low), Fancy (high) Grass: Default, Fast (low), Fancy (high) Water: Default, Fast (low), Fancy (high) Rain & Snow: Default, Fast (low), Fancy (high) Sky: ON, OFF Stars: ON, OFF Sun & Moon: ON, OFF Fog: ON, OFF Weather: ON, OFF Swamp Color: ON, OFF Smooth Biomes: ON, OFF Customizable Fonts: ON, OFF Customizable colors: ON, OFF Capes: ON, OFF (supports HD capes) Configurable animations : Animation of water: ON, Dynamic, OFF Lava Animation: ON, Dynamic, OFF Animation of the fire: ON, OFF Animation of the portal: ON, OFF Animation of the redstone: ON, OFF Explosions: ON, OFF Animation of the flames: ON, OFF Smoke animation: ON, OFF Particle animation: ON, OFF Animation of water particles: ON, OFF Rain Splash Animations: ON, OFF Animations of the gate particles: ON, OFF Animations of the drops of water and lava: ON, OFF Animations of the ground: ON, OFF Object animations: ON, OFF Fast Switching Texturepack - Change of Texture directly in-game. Fullscreen Resolution - full configurable screen resolution. Debug - Improved debug display Minecraft. Time Control - 3 modes: Default, Day Only, Night Only (only works in creative mode). Autosave - Interval configurable autosaves. The different editions of OptiFine Download Links OptiFine Installer (11457 times) Install OptiFine (Optimize Minecraft) To install OptiFine (Optimize Minecraft) it's simple: Download OptiFine and run the file OptiFine_XXX.jar. Click "Install" and OptiFine will create an "OptiFine" profile in your Minecraft. For those who do not know where the folder "minecraft" is located click on your operating system: Windows MacOS Linux optifine best settings optifine banner maker optifine beta 1.7.3 optifine b2 optifine black screen optifine brightness optifine banner cape links optifine banner url optifine better grass optifine cape free optifine cape maker optifine cape stealer optifine curse optifine controls optifine cape price optifine cape giveaway optifine crashes minecraft optifine download optifine download 1.11 optifine donate

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