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Zoho Advances as Power in CRM and Complementary Applications Zoho Share this: InShare PrintMore Zoho is a multi-channel CRM solution. In addition, it has been extended to become a platform that integrates functions that make mobility, e-mail prioritization based on the activity of sales teams and also has an application development environment for the integration of Elements such as documents and electronic signatures. In this article you will find the announcements made by this firm that already has several resellers and clients in Argentina. Zoho and its email client designed for sales teams Zoho announced the launch of Zoho SalesInbox, the first email client designed exclusively for sellers. By using the data of customers hosted in Zoho CRM, the system automatically prioritizes their conversations and assures the vendors that they will never lose an important email; It also provides the complete context of the customer relationship for each of the email conversations. Zoho SalesInbox works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail and other standard email hosting services. "Email and CRM are the two most critical pieces of software for vendors. However, they generally do not work very well together, "said Raju Vegesna, chief evangelist at Zoho Corp." With Zoho SalesInbox, we are solving that problem and create a new category of products that transform the way vendors use and interact with the email." Zoho SalesInbox reinvents the inbox of conventional email and organizes messages according to the importance they have for a salesperson, allowing you to prioritize and focus on important customers and businesses. In addition, Zoho SalesInbox provides easy access to all customer and business data, and allows marketers to easily update their data in the CRM with a simple drag-and-drop operation. Some of the clients of Zoho CRM in Argentina -Lavazza Argentina, Coffee -Wavenet -Bioesthetics, Health & Beauty Club -Spinel Market Knowledge -Riverside School, Education -Buffa Systems -Mustad -Contract Workplaces -RMB Design Solutions -Audad -Dicrom Ingeniería S.A. -Envero -The Net Men Corp. -Integrity Insurance -Venices Matervini Zoho partners or resellers in Argentina Cloud Solutions Cloud Solutions ExpertiseExpertise NetUniverseNetUniverse Social CRMSocial CRM Highlights of Zoho SalesInbox: Prioritization and organization of hands-free e-mail: With an innovative multi-column input tray design, Zoho SalesInbox automatically organizes incoming emails according to the information stored in the CRM user account, such as the status of the Relationship, the size of the business and the closing date. In this way, marketers can easily detect emails that require immediate attention. Zoho SalesInbox allows marketers to analyze and sort messages according to various criteria, such as source of contacts, or associated values ​​of the client. In addition to the two predefined folders (Clients and agreements to close this month), sellers create their own dynamic folders to easily find the emails they are looking for. The context in each email: With Zoho SalesInbox, salespeople can get the sequence of previous conversations with a particular contact, the size of their current and past businesses, to-dos, missed calls, support reports, mentions on social networks And other relevant information related to each contact. Everything from your email client. The CRM is updated directly from the inbox: Vendors can perform actions from their inbox that previously required manual registration in their CRM. When a message arrives from a contact with real interest, the seller can simply drag and drop the email from one column to another. If you then add some essential information, the opportunity registers with your CRM system and the inbox remains organized. Reminders and Response Time: Most email clients allow users to schedule email reminders that need response. But Zoho SalesInbox is the only one that allows marketers to set reminders for the emails they need to receive. Each time a message is sent to a customer or prospect, a timeout limit can be set to make a new communication. Zoho SalesInbox, through the Response Time functionality, constantly monitors e-mail zoho mail forgot password zoho mail filters zoho mail for iphone zoho mail gmail zoho mail godaddy zoho mail groups zoho mail going to spam zoho mail google play zoho mail gmail app zoho mail google authenticator zoho mail google zoho mail google domains zoho mail google calendar zoho mail help zoho mail hosting zoho mail host name zoho mail help desk zoho mail hacked zoho mail hostgator zoho mail history zoho mail hipaa zoho mail hosting setup zoho mail html signature zoho mail imap zoho mail iphone zoho mail issues zoho mail inbox zoho mail in outlook zoho mail incoming server

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