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Tested: Palmetto State Armory 1911 Pistol Two-tone Press By Gil B. Horman - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 Tested: Palmetto State Armory 1911 Pistol Two-tone Press plus SUBSCRIPTION Palmetto State Armory (PSA) is an excellent example of how the American Dream is still alive and kicking. It all started in 2008, when a veteran named Jamin McCallum has launched an ammunition online store in his garage. Eight years later, the company has more than 300 employees, five fronts in South Carolina stores and an online store that offers product shots ranging from apparel to tactical arsenal of tools. In 2010, the company began to manufacture its own firearms and accessories. PSA is best known for its brand of semi-automatic AR-15 PA-15 brand rifles and construction kits. Although the AR company is booming these days, the company continues to expand its internal offerings. Last year marked the arrival of PSA's range of American rifles AK-47 model model. This year, the company launched a new line of PSR-45 ACP 1911 premium guns in four different finishing options. This review looks more closely at the two-tone option. PSA 1911 Premium Two Tone is a semi-automatic 45 gauge ACP model of government-size models inspired by the highly prized. The bonus in name refers to the adjusted tolerances and improved features, including views, hammer, grip and trigger grip. The 4140 slide forged carbon steel features a matte blue finish with polished surfaces, a rounded tip, an extended eject window and grooves at the front and back. Novak type three-point system consists of a steel sheet before swallowing and a rear view, under the profile duck tail. The stainless steel barrel 416 5 "long stainless steel has a traditional profile with a 1/16 RH 6 right grater is held in place in the mouth with the barrel sleeve removable familière.L The entire round consists of a Short GI one guide rod, a single spring back round wire and a retaining spring retaining plug. The frame is made of matt stainless steel finish with a round dust cover, a traditional drop rounded guard and a smooth strap before. Quotations and controls have a matte blue finish that matches the slide. The controls are located and operate in the traditional way in 1911 with the cursor lock, with thumb safety and the round charger release button located on the left side of the frame. The pavonado steel trigger is skeletonized with three round holes to reduce weight and equipped with a race adjustment screw. The curved surface is cut with a non-slip straight texture that is effective and comfortable for the trigger fingertip. The door had a very light grip before breaking cleanly with 5 lbs. 5 ounces Trigger. It was so smooth I would have imagined it was about half a pound to a pound lighter than the digital trigger indicator Lyman said. The safety of the thumb extends with a rounded outer edge that is suitable for comfortable use in the hip or in the belt. A fighting style that is sawed and the skeleton hammer is paired with an extended castor grip handle that has a memory bump to ensure reliable operation. The right mast housing is a saw for better grip. The solid wood handle panels are equipped with diamond-shaped dials and are attached to the frame using standard blue screws. This wine pistol with a single blue-pocket store of 8 Mec-Gar rounds with a polymer base plate. If you know and love size 1911s Government and PSA interpretation of the platform feel comfortable in your hands. In the end, all the controls and features worked properly and reliably. The slide was sealed tight and subjected to a gentle cycle without any "G.I.Wiggle" therein. I was lucky with the Italian magazine Mec-Gar, which have a reputation for quality, and the magazine that accompanies this weapon was no exception. It is not uncommon for semiautomatic handguns to recommend steelmakers for a pause of about 200 turns to allow gun parts to settle and smooth. PSA between 1911 search. The company intentionally makes these weapons to tolerances that are just a pinch too tight when they leave the factory. 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