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DOWNLOAD FACEBOOK LITE FOR ANDROID Download Facebook Lite APK for Android . If you have an Android phone low resources , or a mobile with Android 2.3 or lower that has little RAM and a slower processor, for Facebook LITE is the app you have to download, and that it was created for users who Do not have a fast phone. DOWNLOAD FACEBOOK LITE APK FOR ANDROID Facebook-lite-app WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF FACEBOOK LITE? Facebook LITE is characterized by the following: It occupies less than 1MB in the mobile and also installs very quickly Works on all Android phones and tablets regardless of version Uses much less data at the time of execution It is designed to work in 2G networks and in places with slow and unstable connections Send and receive messages in groups and personal chat Receive notifications when your friends comment or indicate they like any of your posts Possibility to see what your friends are doing Facebook LITE for Android Needless to say , this version of Facebook has many differences with the official version that the social network launched on Android , it is why there are some features that are not available because the low - end phones fail to run properly. This does not prevent the huge growth of this alternative version of Facebook for mobile with low resources mainly in countries of low resources like India, Africa, part of Asia and Latin America. Facebook-Lite-android Then you can name advantages include: less than 1Mb is what weighs the app; easy navigation and search ; Simple basic actions to perform; Notifications and news. However, many users complain about a design not as enriched as the official app, and very slow uploads of content mostly multimedia material. But seeing the advantages that offers us and above all thinking about those slow internet connections, we can give a great value to this app and make the most of it. Little space, speed, better use of the data and actuality is part of what we could say that this app offers us. FEATURES OF FACEBOOK LITE APK: Installs quickly: the application occupies less than 1 MB. It loads easily. It makes efficient use of the data. Designed for 2G networks and areas with limited network connectivity. Last updated: June 30, 2016 Current Version: 7.0 Version Beta: 8.0 Download Links: Google Play - Link to .apk Update: Available version Facebook Lite 10 Final for Android , and also the FB Lite 11 Beta version so you go testing new features, changes and improvements. RELATED APPS: Facebook lite Facebook lite download Facebook lite download facebook lite bb facebook lite battery facebook lite black apk facebook lite com facebook lite clone facebook lite clone apk facebook lite connexion facebook lite canada facebook lite color facebook lite chat facebook lite countries facebook lite chrome facebook lite create new account facebook lite download apk facebook lite download 9apps facebook lite download for android facebook lite download for pc facebook lite download play store facebook lite download for java facebook lite download for blackberry facebook lite download uptodown facebook lite descargar facebook lite exe facebook lite entrar facebook lite emoji facebook lite emoticons facebook lite error

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