Team MustDash take on the Rickshaw Challenge 2017

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So what you are sponsoring us to do? Well it's a 3,000km Indian adventure in a 7 horsepower glorified lawnmower the Indians, like to call a Rickshaw. 3 lads, no set route, no help, and definitely no idea!! the only guarantees are getting lost, breaking down and Delhi belly! (probably a lot!) Our goal is 500 but we want to raise as much as we can. The money raised will go to a great cause so let's make it a lot! Calling on all of our friends from all around the world, every £,€ and $ count!

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The Route... Jaisalmer to Kochi

We fly into Dehli on the 25th of March. Then it's a quick overnight train ride to Jaisalmer where we have a few days to add the finishing touches and last minute pimping of our new beat. Some driving lessons and kickoff party with the other teams. Then on the 2nd of April feeling a little dusty from the night before.

We set off on our mad adventure towards Kochi, simple! there's just the 2500km of dirt roads tracks, cows wandering the highways, insanely busy cities, beautiful coastal roads, mountains and jungle. All on some of the world's most dangerous roads! with plenty of amazing views and incredible stories along the way which we want you all to be a part of.

We will be uploading photos, videos and a blog as and when we can.

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Please help us to raise as much money as we can!

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