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Hello, we are Lars and Joel, two northern Swedes attempting an insane trip to raise money for helping our halting environment. Welcome!

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With the help of the adventurists we are trying to raise money to save precious trees and their inhabitants. Our initiative goes towards the Asháninka people who are losing their homes due to coca plantations and deforestation. By aiding this initiative you will help safeguard areas in the Peruan Amazon forest and preserve the home of the Asháninka people. To make things better, while helping the Asháninka you at the same time help in the fight against global warming since forests bind carbon dioxide!

If just saving the world doesn't tickle your imagination enough, we are also keen to offer our dignity, good name and physical well being to be dragged through the mud in order to inspire your purses to magically open! Help us help others by reaching our fundraising goals!

Please contribute by clicking the Donate button above or swish to 073 054 30 21.
Don't be shy! Come one, come all!

Valborg Extravaganza goal Achieved! Thank you all for your donations and expect a Youtube link to be added shortly!

Charity goals:

100 GBP - Valborg extravaganza! If we manage to raise 100 GBP during the valborg night, Joel will wax one body part or limb of his girlfriend’s choice. (Achieved - youtube link coming!)

200 GBP - Joel and Lars will make one Calskrove each (a pizza with a burger in it) amounting to 3000 calories. They must finish them in one sitting in under 90 minutes. Or die trying.

250 GBP - During their journey, Lars and Joel will serenade the nightly streets of Romania to help you raise money for the next goal!

300 GBP - Lars and Joel will race to the death, finishing a 3 L bottle of Carlsberg in under 90 minutes! (to reference, the bottle is the size of a newborn baby)

350 GBP - We will spend one night in the worlds most famous haunted forest, Cluj. All tricks are allowed, no rules apply!

420 GBP - Joel and Lars will drive a full 10 kilometers in their birthday suits! In Romania!

500 GBP - Hunger has no limits in Romania! Joel and Lars will go to the extremes of local cuisine to fill their torn stomachs. Fried brain or soup of pig trotters, decision by your votes!

600 GBP - Joel will shave Lars. No questions asked.

700 GBP - Joel will attempt to score a free night staying at a random Romanian familys house (by knocking of course, breaking and entering is cheating).

1000 GBP - Mystery surprise prize!

5000 GBP - End up in Romanian jail. (Disclaimer: this goal may be achieved prior to 5000 GBP)

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