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Dear Teachers: Please do not respond to the bad things students say about you online I know you're hurt by what you've said. Drop it. Shutterstock / StockLite Ask any college instructor on the sites teaching online assessment, such as My Teachers rate, and she will insist that not only believes that the anonymous speech student is unrelated to her career, he did not even take a Look at their own qualifications In fact, do not even know if it is there. Rebecca Schuman REBECCA SCHUMAN Rebecca Schuman is a columnist for Slate and author of Schadenfreude, A Love Story and Kafka and Wittgenstein. She lives in St. Louis. Just. Teachers know enough to know that there are two types in the world: 1) Those who have been equally exalted and distorted by his RMP lying down and 2) Qualifications. Hell, I admit: as my PGF as a TA graduate were "stellar" (to a great extent, to my shame, the students because, after pleading not to say that it was "easy", exaggerated the Rigor of my course), my single entry as a doctorate with a faculty member said simply, "easily get a B or more," as if that was a kind of admirable feat in college today. Do you see what I was doing there? I just deceived this poor student in public, in front of thousands of people. It was easy, and he felt good. Several professors in good humor Lehigh University also had the chance to get the last word on their PGF, in a YouTube promotional video that appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Ed, and quickly goes "academic-viral" (which is a Order of magnitude less than the actual viral). Ah, soft intellectual vengeance. I understand the call, because the hell, I did it myself - in fact, even in my post-graduate life, I made a hobby to isolate and foil people who make Comments about me online. But it makes me feel DOING dirty, and I will try not to do more. As cute as they are Lehigh teachers, and I took each of their classes, especially the economist Frank Gunter, who when a student criticizing his course on Iraq's political economy simply said, " Thank you, Mom "I suspect that also makes them feel a bit dirty. Because what they do is essentially the lowercase version of the popular segment "Tweets Mean" Jimmy Kimmel, the scale in which rich and famous celebrities (many also insist they do not read online) recite unpleasant mentions On Twitter and sometimes they respond. In a way, the segment is great because it humanizes these celebrities. Look, they are able to pay the fees! Such as me! But it is also uncomfortable to see rich and spoiled people who allow the spontaneous opinion of some ungrateful Internet reaches them. Yes, the low blows that people take to Michael Strahan's teeth are unpleasant, but Michael Strahan can afford to buy all teeth in North America. The only recourse of polloi hoi, in a world where Ariana Grande is rich and your car has just been recovered, is to make bad comments in a vacuum. As stupid as many of these comments are at least being drilled. In the world of teachers, there is a similar power difference, but where no one makes money or has a reputation. Some twerp who does not like to read and learn can whip but he wants to online. (The official course evaluations are another matter!) Is the teacher who continues to receive the last word, or rather the last. Moral harm teachers can traumatize for a few weeks, but D can ruin someone's future. If not enough? I understand that it is almost impossible to ignore the bad things people are saying about you online. My hard time doing it is well documented. But maybe it's time for all of us, celebrities and former teachers and teachers alike, we are satisfied with our relative power and let the internet randons disappear in peace. rate my professors fordham rate my professors fullerton college rate my professors furman rate my professors fscj rate my professors fresno city college rate my professors gmu rate my professors gwu rate my professors gatech rate my professors gsu rate my professors gvsu rate my professor gcc rate my professors ggc rate my professors georgetown rate my professors georgia southern rate my professors guelph rate my professors hotness scale rate my professors harvard rate my professors high school rate my professors hcc rate my professor holy cross rate my professors hamilton college rate my professors hacc rate my professors hotness rate my professors hottest rate my professors hunter college rate my professors iowa state rate my professors iu rate my professors iupui

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