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April 2017, Team Bhaji will be racing across 3000 kilometres of the desert; highways; rutted byways of India from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan in the North to Cochi, Kerala in the Deep South.... For charity! There`s no set route; no back up, just us and our fellow Adventurists. We`ll be sacrificing comforts; indulging the unexpected; using our long neglected wits to traverse the length of India, getting not a little lost in a 2 stroke 3 wheeled Tuk Tuk with 174cc of raw fury under the hood, pimped to the max. Team Bhaji consists of two 3 man teams the Bhaji Boys (Sean McMahon; Ken Campbell; Pete Wentzel); the Bhaji Boys 2(Ed Menzies; Rob Menzies; Ashley Wallace). We will be raising money for an awesome non-profit charity called Cool Earth. Seriously — check out what they do. Cool Earth is a charity that works alongside Indigenous communities in Peru, the Congo and Papua New Guinea in order to halt rainforest destruction. Their goal is to put local people back in control by giving them the resources they need in order to keep their forest intact. By putting local villages back in control, we will not only protect communities from exploitation, but also preserve the most important ecosystem on our planet. It`s not all about the trees, it`s about the people who live there too. To this day Cool Earth has protected over 500, 000 acres of rainforest that lies directly in the path of chainsaws; bulldozers. Find out more at: https://www.coolearth.org/ If you are in a position to donate, we would be hugely chuffed, rest assured all of your hard earned money will be put to good use in saving the planet. All donated money will be going directly to Cool Earth, we are funding the trip ourselves. Team Bhaji

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