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CSGO Lounge ceases its betting activities Given the impossibility of continuing with what has been its business model so far, the website aims to become an information and entertainment platform CSGO Lounge Logo CSGO Lounge Logo (Giga.de - e-sports) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter SEND BY MAIL FERNANDO CARDENETE Updated 17-08-2016 20:50 CSGO Lounge , the biggest betting page aspects of the world and not allow users to bet on the next matches as reported in a brief statement on the Steam forums. The news has not brought a surprise, since Valve sent legal letters to many pages bets claiming the cessation of their illicit activities following numerous scandals related to these sites. Although CSGO Lounge, like the web affiliate Dota2 Lounge, chose to withdraw gambling in countries where they are not legal and was trying to get hold of a license to manage bets, the project has finally decided reconverted into a platform for information and entertainment With electronic sports as a core. As stated by the company, the content in which it is working will come out "very soon." Until then, the CSGO Lounge team will focus on finding a solution for "object removal," as virtual aspects and object repositories will no longer be available. Recently it was reported that strived Holdings , a conglomerate of companies controlled by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov who owns the team Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Virtus.pro among other valuable assets, owns 90% of the company that manages CSGO Lounge. Although Loto-Québec has created a platform of legal and regulated gambling that premiered with StarCraft II in Canada, most likely other pages that also received the warning from Valve follow in the footsteps of CSGO Lounge given the reluctance of countries like the United States or UK to the legitimacy of electronic sports. csgolounge google chrome addon csgolounge giveaway ru hub csgolounge helper csgolounge how to get coins csgolounge how to withdraw coins csgolounge how to withdraw csgolounge how to add coins csgolounge how to bet csgolounge how to use coins csgolounge how much is 100 coins csgolounge how do coins work csgolounge how to bet 2016 csgolounge is back csgolounge inventory not showing csgolounge in russian csgolounge items not showing csgolounge is dead csgolounge items csgolounge item not showing up csgolounge incorrect email csgolounge inventory wont load csgolounge item id csgolounge jackpot csgolounge javascript

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