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Mangastream - Mangas, forums and theories! If you like anime perhaps you like the manga . If you do not like anime, you may like only the manga, in short, this post that for those who like or love to read manga. Since the oldest and most run (Pokemon, Dragon Ball , One Piece , Hajime no Ippo ), popular ( Naruto , Bleach, One Piece, Claymore , Kenichi , etc). Mangastream is responsible for bringing us the last chapters of these sleeves for online consumption and limited time because the site has a policy of not accommodate the chapters of the series on your server. Leaving behind the " politicking " Come to the point, today I want to introduce what the forum mangastream , a forum that I think is great because it is very well organized and comments and issues are quite interesting (especially the theories). The forum of this website offers us options to filter the subforums offering their most popular series to give comments on them. Within these series I opted for Naruto, Bleach, D'Grayman and Claymore. In the article I go with the first and third mention. If you are good to read and even more in English you can choose only this activity or read and comment, to comment you must register in the forum, I preferred to read only. Once registered, as in most forums and sites of question and answer, you can happen to introduce yourself to the community of posters and the staff of mangastream. It is also advisable to read the FAQ site as they are somewhat strict with what is posted and / or comments. The first time you enter the site gave me the opportunity to read the forums but once it was updated with the series I decided to enter and read to see who commented on those if they had time to discuss theories and issues of that nature (not to be Unemployed, no). Naruto goes through his last moments, we believe many, and is this happening the 4th ninja war and one of the most important fights coming: "Madara" Naruto vs Sasuke vs Naruto well. Those two fights either happen, or happens, there is no other. One of the characters for which there is much uncertainty is the name in quotation marks, some tell Tobi Obito other, Madara and other few more. What is in the sixth chest that Kabuto presented to "Madara"? These concerns are raised and retro fed by the many users of this forum who provide loyal and convincing information about what they comment creating a debate full of logical and valuable arguments. And as the series progresses, many more debates are emerging to give a logical answer to what is happening in the ninja world. Another series that I like and I have very intrigued about what will happen is D'Grayman . Series that perhaps is not in a moment as crucial as the one of the previous series but if by an important moment in the development of the series since they are showing details of the past of the protagonist, very good details. D'Grayman also has a forum for those who like this manga discuss many issues that happen in the story of Allen Walker against the Black Order and now with their "allies" the Noah. These theories, forums, sleeves and many more in a good place to read manga and enjoy discussing what happens in our favorite series. mangastream my hero academia mangastream haikyuu mangastream bleach mangastream boku no hero academia mangastream berserk manga stream eyeshield 21 manga stream en francais manga stream ecchi blue exorcist manga stream mangastream fairy tail mangastream hunter x hunter mangastream hajime no ippo mangastream naruto gaiden mangastream one piece 844 mangastream one piece mangastream shingeki no kyojin mangastream tokyo ghoul manga stream hunter x hunter yugioh manga stream natsume yuujinchou manga stream yuri manga stream zelda manga stream manga stream fairy tail zero naruto 1 manga stream top 10 manga stream manga stream 24 naruto anime manga stream 24 manga stream 2013 manga stream 2014 naruto manga stream 24 manga stream 3d manga stream 657 naruto manga stream 700 naruto manga stream 700+2

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