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How to publish a story on Quotev? How to publish a story on Quotev? I wrote a quotev story and clicked on publish, but when I look it up in stories I can not find it. And when I look for my account there, my profile does not appear. I checked my settings and got everything set to the public. When I am on my profile I can see my story and says published but why is it not possible to find it when I look it up? answeranswer 0 Did you put a cover photo on it? If you do not add one that does not appear in the listing. Go to edit and setup and there should be a place to add cover photo. Try and see if it works. quotev fnaf quotev fonts quotev fairy tail quotev family quotev fanfiction quotev future family quotev future life quotev fred weasley quotev fnaf x reader quotev falling stars quotev groups quotev gravity falls quotev gay quotev gifs quotev got7 quotev game of thrones quotev greek gods quotev girlfriend quiz quotev glee quotev gotham quotev hetalia quotev help quotev harry potter house quotev haikyuu quotev harry potter stories quotev home quotev harry styles quotev homestuck quotev harry potter life quotev imagines quotev it started with a dance quotev icons quotev isn't working quotev irresistible quotev ink sans x reader quotev inuyasha quotev icon size quotev isaac lahey quotev ilvermorny quotev journal layouts quotev jacksepticeye quotev jacob sartorius quotev joker quotev jeff the killer x reader

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