Cutting my hair for the climate

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I'll be cutting my waist-length red hair off in order to raise as much money as possible for rainforest protection and climate change. I found this charity via an effective altruist charity page, and feel that empowering communities is a fantastic way of protecting these immensely important ecosystems.

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I've had plans to do this for a while, but recent rise in anti-climate change and anti-environment politicians has kicked me into action. I've decided to cut my hair off since that's my most memorable feature, and therefore (hopefully!!) attract more attention to the campaign.

Having studied Ecology for a few years, I've come to realise just how much danger our current environment is in, and I'm determined to do all in my power to protect it.

I'm well aware that £1000 is pretty ambitious...... but I'm hopeful. Seeing as £60 goes towards protecting an acre.....

The hair will be donated to the Little Princess Trust for wigs for children who have lost hair due to cancer.

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