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We are motorbiking across a chunk of the Sahara Desert next month on teeny tiny motorbikes. Yes, we're doing it to have an adventure and some fun - but also to do our bit to save the planet. We're hoping you'll help us in our quest to raise funds for the most fantastic charity, Cool Earth. Cool Earth works with indigenous villages to protect rainforest in Peru, the Congo and Papua New Guinea to halt rain forest destruction. As St David Attenborough himself said (he really did), "Helping Cool Earth makes a real difference. Perhaps the biggest different we will make in our whole lives." Here's an amazing fact. Cool Earth has put more rainforest under the protection of indigenous people than any other NGO or government. Isn't that stupendous? So. 8 days. 750 - 800 miles. 49cc. Max 30mph (downhill with a following wind). No support vehicle. Morocco is a dry country. And we are motorbike virgins. What could possibly go wrong? It's true that we signed up for the adventure but when we found out quite how clever Cool Earth is, we thought we'd do our best to help them keep up the good work. If you felt the same and could give even £10 it would be amazing. Thank you. (And - this is Lou talking - it's not all sunshine and butterflies. I can honestly say I have seldom felt so scared and vulnerable as I did when we did our Compulsory Basic Training. Surely that's worth a tenner?)

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