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On 16th July, we'll be joining hundreds of other lunatics at Goodwood Racecourse to embark on one of the most idiotic adventures of a lifetime, the Mongol Rally. Over the course of maybe six weeks (or however long it takes), we'll be hauling our trusty Maestro all the way from sunny Sussex to the wilds of Mongolia... and with a bit of luck we might even make it back again. Our mission is to raise awareness of the important work done by Cool Earth in the fight against man-made climate change and the destruction of our planet's rainforests. Hopefully, with a bit of help from you kind people, we might also raise a bit of cash to help them out!

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Climate change represents potentially the greatest existential threat that humanity has ever faced. As the Earth's primary carbon sinks, our rainforests are integral to the fight to turn back manmade global warming. For this reason we hope to raise as much money to support Cool Earth as we can manage.

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