2 idiots, 1 Rickshaw.

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Help Ryan and Jake raise a little money for a charity that's leading the fight against deforestation whilst they risk life and limb driving one of the most unsafe vehicles 3500km from the south to the north of India during summer. Idiots I hear you say?! Yes. But, if you're here reading this, you knew that already... This is just a reminder......

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Cool earth is a charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rain forest destruction and in turn protect this planet of ours. As well as producing most of the oxygen we need to keep breathing (I've been told it's important to do that from time to time), rain forests are also home to 50% of the world's plant and animal life. So let's keep David Attenborough in the job and keep them around.

In return, us 2 idiots will drive our 1 rickshaw across a crazy country, using some of the world's most dangerous roads, on a very tight deadline and in 40 degree heat.

Fair deal?


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