Tuk Tuk Roost takes on India…and helps save the rainforest!

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Tuk Tuk Roost takes on India…by tuk tuk of course. 2,700 KM (1,700 miles) in a glorified lawnmower. Who knows what will happen! Who we are and what we’re doing We’re a team of 3, Yaz, Dan, and Caitlin, who make up Tuk Tuk Roost. We’ve joined The Adventurists, for an epic ~3,000KM ride across India from the northwest city of Jaisalmer to the southwest city of Cochin. Yes, that’s right. We will be cruising about 1,700 miles in what is known as a glorified lawnmower. It will be crazy, we don’t know what will happen, but we know we’re going to do our best to enjoy every moment, even the breakdowns and the times we almost (hopefully just almost) shit our pants. While we do this, we'd like to help out two charities that are doing good, one of them is Cool Earth. Rainforests are cool! Let’s keep them! Why Cool Earth? Taking it from the Adventurists, “The thing is rainforests are incredibly cool - they give us penis gourds, hallucinogenic plants and cock nosed monkeys. Most importantly they keep the sweeping arm of modernity at bay, providing somewhere for future generations to keep getting lost. Cool Earth puts the money into action. And you can see their results in square meters preserved. Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. Local people stand to lose the most from deforestation but the most to gain from its protection, that’s why they are the forest’s best possible custodians. All Cool Earth partnerships are community-owned and led. By developing local livelihoods, their mission is to end the cycle of deforestation entrenching villages into further poverty. Creating strong, self-determining communities. They are also the only charity that works solely where the threat to the forest is greatest, on the frontline of deforestation. They work strategically, each of their partnerships form a shield to make the neighboring forest inaccessible to loggers — saving millions of acres of further forest. Not only that, but 90% of your donation goes straight to the rainforest and their indigenous partners.” See below for what You get for helping us and this amazing cause!

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Why should you donate? What do YOU Get?
Besides getting to follow us on this crazy journey and see all of our fails, near misses and general ups and downs. Travel is fun. This trip will be crazy. But we want to spread the love so other people can have crazy fun…like in a rainforest or by having access to education.

We also want to thank you for helping the world, so we have some fun awards for you!

$5- Personalized Photo- Oh yeah! You’re a part of our key team! We’ll be taking a photo just for you on the tuk tuk! If you have a preferred pose, let us know.

$10- Personalized Video- Tuk Tuk Roost and Hamilton thank you! And we want to show it by sending you a video of one crazy moment.

$25-$30 Cartwheels with Kids (or something else)- We’ll engage the locals in a fun move or dance and will shout your name! We’ll also send you a postcard. Who knows if you’ll ever get it, but we’ll send it for sure.

$50- Direct Connection: If Facetime or any form of video connection is available, you can see firsthand the kick-off party, cricket party, start and finish of the race. Yes, we will invite you live. *Due to all the unknowns, at worst, you will receive video coverage dedicated just to you.

$75- Have a meal/beer with us! Woot woot! Assuming we have internet connection, you can have a meal with us! If that doesn’t work, we’ll video our dinner and you can play it while you have dinner. We’ll even make conversation and natural pauses so it feels like you’re talking to us! This is perfect for those of you that really love us, or are really lonely.

$100- Select 3 of the above! And have all your dreams come true.

$250- A Photo a Day! On this epic adventure, we will receive a photo each and every day. Yes, the good, the bad, the dirty and the fun. You will see it all!

$500- Calendar! You get a photo calendar of our 12 best shots, with some fun facts and a lot of love.

$750- An Intimate Evening with snacks from India. You get an Intimate Evening with Yaz, Dan and Caitlin! This will be held sometime in 2017 at your home! A slideshow of our awesomeness and some non-awesomeness (if that happens ☺) will be included. This is an event you want to host! (We’re homefree and some are jobfree, otherwise we’d host. Don’t worry, we’ll bring a dish and wine! Potluck style).

$1,000- Beyond Intimate- Woah! You get to ask us anything….yikes. You get to hear our deepest, darkest secrets! The behind the scenes details will be revealed over wine and dinner at your house! (We’re homefree and some are jobfree, otherwise we’d host. Don’t worry, we’ll bring a dish and wine! Potluck style). Also, we’ll take a photo or short video each day just for you! And we’ll put your name on our tuk tuk. (Dan might even get a tramp stamp of your face! Who knows ☺)

Other donations- Every amount is awesome! We are open to all suggestions. What can you give and what would you like us to do? Want to see us do something in the tuk tuk? Let us know. We will honor most requests. (if it’s possible without causing harm or getting arrested. We definitely don’t want to go to jail in India). The larger the donation, the greater the reward!

How to contribute?
It’s so easy. Any amount helps…while you’re drinking your next happy hour beer or good morning latte, please log on below and make a matching contribution. Or if you’re feeling really generous, match that next steak. We’ll accept any amount and the charities we have chosen will put that money into action that will last beyond the time your beer and steak do.

Want more information?
Check the adventure out! https://www.theadventurists.com/rickshaw-run/

Thank you!

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