Wendy the Wagon Mongol Rally

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We have foolishly decided to take part in the Mongol Rally, this is a journey across the world, starting from London and finishing in Ulan-Bataar in outer Mongolia. This is roughly a 12000 mile journey, through 24 countries, traversing mountain ranges, deserts and potential war zones. This feat will be attempted in a car which is almost as old as us, bough from a geezer in Stoke for £700 and modified by us, with no help or aid along the way. This is all being done to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust and CoolEarth, both of which are amazing charities, and very close to our hearts. We have 61 days to complete this task, with the aim of actually making it, as well as raising as much money as possible for these great charities. This page will contain all of our trip preparation, fundraising details, milestones, and, when it gets started, regular progress updates in the form of videos and blog posts and some extra fundraising incentives.

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